Rhythm Rundown

A blog about the music we love (and the business we tolerate).

Welcome to RhythmRundown, the newest addition to the 94twenty podcast family. A pulsating beat in the heart of the music industry, we delve into the untold stories, the unsung heroes, and the unstoppable waves that shape the global music scene. From exclusive interviews with today’s hottest artists to intimate backstage glimpses into iconic music companies, RhythmRundown will offer a fresh perspective, bridging the gap between music enthusiasts and industry insiders.

Navigating the fast-paced and often enigmatic world of music can be a challenge for emerging artists. That’s why RhythmRundown is not just about the big names and the flashy headlines. We’re also here to be a mentor, offering actionable tips, insights, and guidance to help aspiring musicians find their unique path. Whether it’s understanding the nuances of contracts, building a robust social media presence, or crafting that hit song, RhythmRundown is your go-to source for thriving in this incredible yet crazy world of music. Join us on this rhythmic journey and tune in to the beat of the industry!

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