The Evolution of the Music Business Industry: Adapting to the Digital Age

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Guest Post by Maggie Hairston: The music business industry has undergone a remarkable transformation over the past few decades, driven by advancements in technology, shifts in consumer behavior, and new modes of distribution. Gone are the days of vinyl records and cassette tapes; instead, we find ourselves in an era of digital streaming and constant

Cian Ducrot Talks Mindset, Inspirations, and the Journey Ahead

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We had a unique opportunity over the last week or so to sit in on a private press conference with rising star Cian Ducrot. Sharing the talent and professionalism that puts him in league with acts like Ed Sheeran and the Jonas Brothers, Cian was remarkably candid about his journey, the challenges he’s faced, and

Braden Bales and The Grounded Reality of a Viral Hit in a Saturated Industry

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Guest post by Grace Briggs-Neal Last month, the spotlight was turned on indie artist Braden Bales during a press conference held on July 12, 2023 by the 1824 Creative Group. But rather than focusing solely on his upcoming musical releases, the conversation took a deep dive into the intricate, and often harsh, realities of today’s

The state of the music industry in the digital age

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As of my last update in September 2021, the music industry was experiencing significant transformations due to the digital era. However, please note that the information might be outdated, and I recommend checking more recent sources for the most current state of the industry as of 2023. As of 2021, the music industry had seen

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